Paypal Giving Fund

We are happy to announce that THE ONE GOAL ORGANIZATION is enrolled at Paypal Giving Fund. This means a lot:

1. You can donate either through our page directly or through PayPal Giving Fund. No fees when donating through the UK registered Charity Paypal Giving Fund. Click on the link here:

2. eBay buyers and sellers can support us by adding a donation during checkout or donating a percentage of their sales to us.

3. Customers buying games or eBooks through the Humble Bundle digital platform can choose to support our non-profit organization with every order.

4. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that lets our supporters create their own unique fundraising campaigns to support our non-profit organization.

5. Facebook makes it easy for us and our supporters to create and share fundraisers that benefit our charitable causes.

For more information check the link

We thank you for all the support the last year and in the future. YOU WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Yours sincerely

The One Goal

Daniela Porcelli