Why the One Goal

We Are Unique.


Over the last few years, we have witnessed an increase in the coverage for women’s football as well as record-breaking attendances at the grounds and high TV viewing figures, bringing the game even more value.

More supporters are appreciating the sport itself along with the possibilities of watching women and girls reach their dreams. Presently, it is difficult for supporters of women’s sport to be able to purchase such items and The One Goal is the ideal solution.

The One Goal will help advance the game by using its unique approach of providing an opportunity for the global fans to be able to own an authentic item from their favourite player and team.

We provide a platform to the athletes and their teams to help grow the game by donating their items to The One Goal’s good cause. The money raised from these items will then be put back into the sport through various projects encouraging participation in the sport, but also supporting amazing worldwide projects helping focusing on changing people’s life.